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Gepade, leather L 19 Vintage

Gepade advices:  

Regular maintenance
Use these products to keep your leather furniture in top condition:


Extra protection
Protect bright colours, like white, 
crème and beige, from jeans stains:

Extra nutrition
Specially designed for older and/or dried out leather:

Restoring colour
Camouflage small scratches, superficial damage and discolorations with a custom colour:

Other products
These 'must haves' always come in handy!


More information
Vintage (sanded) leather maintained

Dust the leather regularly, preferably once a week. Use the LCK® cleaning glove with a few drops of LCK® cleaning water or a clean cotton cloth. Use the maintenance products from the Keralux® set Vi to maintain the leather two to four times a year.

The order of a maintenance interval is always the same: dusting, cleaning, nourishing and protecting (optional). Follow the instructions on the packaging.


  More information about maintaining leather.

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