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Puratex® care set for textile upholstery

€ 37,50 (including VAT)

Everything you need in one complete set!
This is the most recommended set for your design furniture and for a reason! In this set you will find everything you need to maintain your fabric upholstery. Use the glove to dust your furniture weekly, the cleaner to remove fresh stains and the impregnator to protect the fabric every six months. #sustainable!

Use the set weekly (regular dusting) / half-yearly (regular basis). Is there no stains? Then skip step 3. Proceed like this:

  1. Make sure the fabric is dust-free. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft furniture attachment (brush), or the LCK® glove.
  2. Spread a few drops of Puratex® cleaning water over the glove and wipe the surface.
  3. In case of stains: use the Puratex® strong cleaner to remove the stain. Follow the instructions.
  4. Protect the fabric with the Puratex® impregnation spray. Follow the instructions.

Always try maintenance products (in general) in an inconspicuous place first!

Are you ordering this product separately? Then you will receive the following products:

  • Puratex® cleaning water (200ml)
  • Puratex® strong cleaner (50ml)
  • Puratex® impregnator spray (200ml)
  • LCK® cleaning glove (1 piece)
  • Cloth (1 piece)
  • Manual

The content is sufficient for 5-7 seats (depending on model).
Best before date: see packaging.

(!) Not suitable for: 
Be aware of textiles that cannot be treated with water. Do not use on silk. 

(*) Important:
Not every furniture fabric may/can be wet cleaned. Fortunately, we tested this for you! So, before you get started with the set, check whether your fabric can be cleaned wet. Scroll down on the homepage and click on the logo of your furniture manufacturer / fabric supplier for all recommended maintenance products per fabric/textile. 

The answers to the most frequently asked questions.

• What do you guys mean with impregnation?
An impregnater puts a wafer-thin protective layer around the fabric fiber. This prevents liquid and dirt from entering the fiber. In other words, it protects the fabric. Puratex® impregnation is the only impregnation product on the Dutch / Belgium market that has an OEKO-TEX® certification. For more information, see the following article: impregnation.

• Is the cleaner suitable for all stains?
No, the cleaner is suitable for removing new and old 'water-soluble' stains. You will not be able to remove a stain caused by ballpoint pen or jeans. Fortunately, there is more is possible than you think. Send in a photo of your stain and our experts will get to work for you.

• Why use destilled water?
In our step-by-step plans and advice we constantly refer to the use of distilled water, but why? Not all tap water (in the Netherlands) has the same water hardness. By cleaning with tap water, limescale can be left behind. This is very annoying, especially when you just put in allot of effort to clean a stain. Therefore, make sure to grab a liter of distilled water from your local supermarket or drug store.

Do you have questions about this product?
Then please contact us.

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