Waxed or oiled leather (saddle type)

Also known as saddle type leathers or pull up leather. Mostly a full aniline leather. Visible scratches, very soft and smooth. Without regular treatment you will end up with an unprotected full aniline leather. We advice to use Keralux® S from day one. 

preventive care:

Keralux® set S

Keralux® cleaning glove set

dried out leather:

Keralux® leatherbalm

colour repair:

Keralux® colour repair set

Important protection from day one. Saddle leather is protected by natural wax and possibly oil emulsions. Therefore we recommend to keep up this protection from day one, by using Keralux® lotion S upon delivery of your new furniture. Follow the instructions in the set. It might be useful to buy an extra bottle of Keralux® lotion S. You can use that for the first treatment of new furniture. The Keralux® set S can be used minimum twice a year. The LCK® cleaning glove set can be used weekly to keep the leather dust free. 


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