Nubuck leather or velour, distinguished by a velvety surface. This effect is achieved by sanding the surface. The roughened, velvety surface of this leather type rules out the application of a dye coating after barrel dyeing because the fibres would stick together.

Suède leather is sometimes produced from animals that live in the wild, such as deer, stags etc. As a result of living in the wild, the skin surface is heavily scarred which is why the underside of the skin (flesh side) is mostly used. It is roughened to produce a velour leather. 

preventive care:

Keralux® set N

Keralux® cleaning cloth for nubuck

Keralux® cleaning glove set

colour repair:

Keralux® colour repair set

Important protection from day one. Nubuck leather needs sun protection and protection against liquids and stains. Therefore we recommend to apply Keralux® spray N with sun protection upon delivery of your new furniture. Follow the instructions on the package. It might be useful to buy an extra bottle of Keralux® spray N with sun protection. You can use that for the first treatment of new furniture. The Keralux® set N can be used minimum twice a year. The LCK® cleaning glove set can be used weekly to keep the leather dust free. Apply the Keralux® nubuck cloth for dry cleaning.

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