Longlife XTRA® servicewarranty

The Longlife Xtra Care Set especially for your Longlife leather

Correct and regular cleaning and care considerably contribute to avoid premature soiling, drying out or fading of leather. This is the only way of keeping leather beautiful for a long time.

Since furniture leather is more natural and more open-pored it is much more demanding and of a higher quality than for example shoe leather. Frequently offered ‘universal leather cleaning products’ are unsuitable for furniture leather, as they often contain alcohol and solvents (those dry out the leather) as well as hard wax (clog the pores of the leather).

For cleaning and care of your upholstered furniture, please always use only the high quality Longlife Xtra Care Set. It was especially developed for your Longlife leather. The Longlife Xtra cleaning and care products contain special active substances which intensively clean and care the leather in a careful way. These products also build up a special protection for the leather.

This preventive maintenance care is essential to keep the beauty of the leather for a long time. By using the product regularly, the KERALUX ® Strong Protector signi cantly contributes to avoid strong soilings of clothes (e. g. such of jeans) on almost all pigmented leathers.* Protect your leather with the KERALUX ® Strong Protector immediately on receipt (please follow instructions carefully). Only in this way a long lasting protection is guaranteed.

* The effectiveness of the KERALUX® Strong Protector has been checked and con- rmed by tests according to VDA with the test substance EMPA. For extremely ag- gressive dyes (e. g. in clothing and accessories) an adapted application of KERALUX® Strong Protector is required to counteract the penetration into the leather surface.


1. Longlife Xtra Starter Care Set

Once you have received your brand-new upholstered leather furniture, please clean the leather with the KERALUX® Strong Cleaner from your Longlife Xtra Starter Care Set at rst and let the upholstery dry well. Afterwards, apply the KERALUX® Strong Protector very thinly and evenly. With the KERALUX® Strong Protector you receive an additional protection which signi cantly reduces the soiling especially caused by jeans.

2. Longlife Xtra Intensive Care Set

For a later follow-up-treatment with the Longlife Xtra Intensive Care Set, please also start with the KERALUX® Strong Cleaner, let the upholstered furniture dry well and then apply the KERALUX® Care Lotion thinly and evenly to the leather. After cleaning and care, please wait one day before applying the KERALUX® Strong Protector.

Attention: The KERALUX® Strong Protector causes a haptic change of the leather – it will be smoother afterwards. Apply very thinly and evenly!

Shake bottles well before use and pretest on a hidden area. Instructions on packaging must be followed! Keep out of reach of children. 



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