Pure aniline leather

Aniline leather is a collective term for high-quality, untreated smooth leather that is exclusively dyed with soluble dyes. This dye colours the leather itself without producing a topcoat of paint or an insoluble pigmented sealant. After dyeing, the skin pores remain completely open. This allows the leather to retain its natural suppleness and gives it a high level of breathability. The pores, scars, grain and other natural blemishes remain visible. 

This lack of a top coat gives the leather it’s incredibly soft surface which also causes the leather to align itself perfectly with the body heat. Aniline leather is, in other words, the most authentic and sensual leather. Yet it is this naturalness that makes aniline leather so vulnerable. 

Aniline leathers require regular care in order to retain their beauty, soft grip and naturalness.  To protect this soft grip aniline leather needs to be remoisturised and re-fattened. A gentle impregnation protects it and makes it suitable for “everyday” use. Keralux® set A fulfills all these care requirements for this high-quality leather.

Preventive care:

Keralux® set A

Keralux® lotion A



Keralux® soft cleaner

Keralux® strong cleaner


Colour repair:

Keralux® colour repair set


Specialized products for aniline leather:

Keralux® scratch remover

Keralux® degreaser spray






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