Cleaning upholstery fabrics

Regular cleaning and protection is necessary to maintain the fresh appearance of new furniture. Through fabrics
preventive impregnation makes cleaning easier and you have more time to be able to remove spilled (liquid) substances.

Maintenance tips

  • Clean furniture fabrics weekly with the furniture attachment of the vacuum cleaner. Set the vacuum cleaner to a maximum of 500 watts. This way you remove house dust, crumbs and other light pollution.
  • Regularly dry wipe with the LCK® cleaning glove. Only moisten it * with LCK® / Puratex® cleaning water or distilled water to avoid limescale edges *) check on our site whether the fabric can be cleaned with water or cleaners.
  • Do not use household cleaners with bleach or solvent, as these are not suitable for upholstery fabric.
  • Do not sit on the furniture with clothing that can release dye (new jeans!).
  • Sharp objects on clothing such as zippers, buttons and buckles can cause irreparable damage.

Tips for removing stains

  • Do not panic in case of stains, but react immediately: immediately dab liquids gently with unbleached kitchen paper or a clean towel.
  • Do not apply (too much) pressure.
  • Always treat stains from the outside in.
  • Always clean entire surfaces from seam to seam and never a small area. You usually keep seeing them.
  • After cleaning, re-impregnate to restore the stain-repellent effect.

Despite the best preventive measures, contamination or stains can still occur. With the professional Puratex® cleaners, upholstery fabrics become clean and fresh again. A clean result, safe and without bleaching agents.

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