"Leather is just a cowhide, isn't it ?!"

Ehh… yes, that's right, but leather is more! Leather is a by-product of the meat industry. Real leather is a split (or non-split) animal hide. In the furniture industry, we almost always use cattle hides, because they are stiff and large. As a result, they tear less and are easier to process.

How it's made
Real leather is made from an animal hide, which is made durable by tanning.
In the tannery, the hide is processed into a full-fledged (furniture) leather. And a lot has to be done for that, think of:

  •      Depilation, soaking, liming
  •      De-meating
  •      Peck
  •      Tanning
  •      Coloring and finishing

Different types of leather
There are numerous ways to tan a skin. It can also be finished in different ways.
Think of: sanding, waxing, using an effect finish, etc. To make it easy for you, we have divided the leather types into a number of categories:


Pigmented leather

Also known as:

  • Covered
  • Painted
  • Closed
  • Semi-aniline

Aniline leather

Also known as:

  • Full-aniline
  • Full-grain
  • Luxury leather
  • Open leather

Saddle leather

Also known as:

  • Waxed leather
  • Oiled leather

Vintage leather

Also known as:

  • Sanded leather
  • Leather with a vintage effect

Nubuck leather

Also known as:

  • Suède leather (meat side)
  • Sanded or buffed leather

We humans lubricate ourselves daily with skin cream, day cream, night cream, cream against dried out pores,
pimple cream, shaving cream and in the summer months we add one more every day: cream against the sun (sunscreen).

You assume all of these products are good for your skin, right? It nourishes, protects and repairs your skin.
Why would a 'furniture skin' be different? The answer is simpel, it's not! By maintaining leather it lasts longer, it stays
beautiful and new stains are (much) easier to clean.

We recommend that you maintain all leather types twice a year. Click on the manufacturer's logo (scroll down on our homepage) and then click on the leather of your choice. Here you will find the recommended maintenance products under the header "regular maintenance".

Weekly maintenance
"Hey LCK, you recommend maintenance every six months right? So then I don't have to do anything in the next six months?"
Well ... that's not entirely true either.

In any case, keep your furniture upholstery free of dust. Most households vacuum approximately once a week. When you have a furniture attachment (that small brush you never use), you can dust an entire sofa within two minutes.
Doing this prevents a lot of hassle with new stains. In short: dust your furniture every week to keep it nice and shiny.

New furniture
You don't have to thoroughly clean a newly delivered sofa. If you do not have a pigmented leather, we recommend to just apply the recommended lotion and / or protective spray. 

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