What type of leather do I have?

Pure aniline

As the most high-quality of all leathers, pure aniline is completely dyed through after tanning and is left exactly as nature. No layer of paint covers its surface, therefore aniline leather can even be felt with closed eyes, because of its soft grip.

Since it is such a pure, natural material, it also aligns itself amazingly with the boy heat. Aniline leather is, in other words, the most authentic and sensual leather. Yet, this naturalness is exactly what makes aniline leather so sensitive. Without regular care, after some time obvious marks of usage could be visible.

To retain its beauty, its soft grip and its naturalness over a long period of time, regular care is essential especially for this type of leather. Aniline leather especially requires (after thorough cleaning) moisture and refatting. A gentle impregnation protects it safely and makes it suitable for “everyday” use. Keralux® Care Series A fulfills all care requirements of this high-quality leather.

Semi-aniline leather and pigmented leather

Semi-aniline leather and pigmented leather receive a protective coat of paint after being dyed through. In case of semi-aniline, this coat of paint is very thin, so that the leather still has a pleasant look, grip and a breathable surface. In part, also the natural grain pattern of the skin can still be seen. On the other hand, the fine layer of paint grants a certain protection from stains and liquids.

Pigmented leather is coated with a thicker layer of paint. This has the advantage that this leather is very easy-care, robust and suitable for everyday use. It can easily be cleaned and is very durable. This layer of paint, however, means that there is almost nothing left of the naturalness of the leather. Pigmented leather feels rather cold and not as beautifully soft and unique as aniline leather.

Keralux® Series P is precisely adapted to the needs of slightly or strongly pigmented leather. For care, especially moisture and optimal refatting are required. The additional sun protection reduces colour fading. In addition, there is a special product available, called Keralux® Strong Protector, which protects this leather well from premature soiling and the dreaded discoloration from jeans.

Saddle leather

In the field of furniture, leather with a smooth surface and waxy look and grip is described as saddle leather. Aniline, semi-aniline or pigmented leather can also be saddle leather when they have a waxed surface. A typical characteristic of saddle leather is a certain patina that becomes visible after some time. Exactly this effect is desired by leather enthusiasts. Signs of use such as scratches, etc. are often not avoidable. However, these can be removed with regular cleaning and care with the Keralux® Care Series S.

Nubuck and suede leather

Nubuck and suede leather are characterized by a velvet-like surface. This effect is attained through grinding the surface or the lower side of the split leather skin. The roughened, velvet-like surface of this type of leather excludes applying a layer of paint after the barrel dyeing, since otherwise the fires would stick together.

Nubuck leather is characterized above all by a softness that is very kind to the skin and feels very cuddly. It has a gentle, soft and short-fibred surface and is recognizable by the “writing effect”, i.e. if you rub gently with your hand over the nubuck leather, you see that the direction of the fibres has changed. 

Vintage leather

(Partially) Sanded leather with an effect finish. Keralux® care lotion for leather with vintage effect spends leather with vintage effect essential moisture and optimal refatting. It preserves the special characteristics, the soft grip and renews the wax layer (vintage effect).




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  • Ad Hulst leather maintenance
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  • Bodilson clean and care
  • Boxmark Leder clean and care
  • Bree's New World clean and care
  • Britt Kit maintenance
  • Brown by Bert Plantagie clean and care
  • Brühl clean and care
  • Bullfrog maintenance
  • Calia Italia
  • Camo Leathers maintenance
  • Cartel Living  clean and care
  • Coming Lifestyle clean and care
  • Conanti clean and care
  • COR clean and care
  • Dat Zit! maintenance
  • De Ploeg maintenance
  • De Sede maintenance
  • De Toekomst / Sitting Vision clean and care
  • DEDON clean and care
  • Design 5 maintenance
  • Design on Stock clean and care
  • DFM clean and care
  • DN Design maintenance
  • Draehnert clean and care
  • DS Meubel maintenance
  • Burlet clean and care
  • DUX-international clean and care
  • Easy Sofa clean and care
  • Elastoform Elastonova clean and care
  • Erop clean and care
  • Ewald Schillig clean and care
  • EYYE clean and care
  • F+S Polstermöbel clean and care
  • Flexform clean and care
  • Freifrau clean and care by article
  • Freitstil by Rolf Benz clean and care
  • Frommholz clean and care
  • FSM clean and care
  • Furninova clean and care
  • Gealux clean and care
  • Gelderland maintenance
  • Gepade clean and care
  • Girsberger clean and care
  • Harvink clean and care
  • Hasena beds clean and care
  • H.E. Design clean and care
  • Heinz Friedrich clean and care
  • Himolla clean and care
  • Hülsta clean and care
  • Hülsta Sofa clean and care
  • HUKLA clean and care
  • INNO maintenance
  • Intertime clean and care
  • Jess design clean and care
  • Jori clean and care
  • Just design clean and care
  • KEBE clean and care
  • Kettnaker maintenance
  • KFF clean and care
  • KOINOR clean and care
  • LABEL clean and care
  • Leolux clean and care
  • LEU Swiss clean and care
  • Linteloo clean and care
  • Machalke clean and care
  • Mobitec maintenance
  • Montis clean and care
  • MUSA Italia maintenance
  • NIX Design maintenance
  • Nouvion clean and care
  • Ohmann Leathers clean and care
  • Pejo Design Clean and Care
  • Piet Boon clean and care
  • Pilat & Pilat clean and care
  • PMP / NIX Design maintenance
  • Pode clean and care
  • Polinova clean and care
  • Pur Sang maintenance
  • Releazz maintenance
  • Roels maintenance
  • Rolf Benz clean and care
  • ROM clean and care
  • Ronald Schmitt maintenance
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  • Sitting Vision clean and care
  • STGD Stapelgoed maintenance
  • Stressless clean and care
  • Studio Henk maintenance
  • Team 7 clean and care
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  • Violetta clean and care
  • VITA Sentation maintenance recommendations
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  • Walter Knoll maintenance
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  • Zeitraum
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