Protection for textile

Do you want your beautiful sofa and chairs to be protected against stains? It's possible!
With Puratex® you can protect your furniture yourself, within 10 minutes.

Why should you protect fabrics?
That's a good question. The answer is very simple: "What is beautiful could remain beautiful". Because you don't always have everything under control. And no matter how careful you are, an 'accident' will happen at sometime. Often not even by yourself, but by your cat, or the neighbour, or your three-year-old nephew. Avoid a lot of hassle and protect your sofa today with Puratex® impregnation!

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But how does it work?
That is actually very simple. An impregnator applies a kind of protective layer between the (often) liquid and your fabric. This means that you have time to walk to the kitchen and get a cloth or a kitchen paper and remove the liquid before it is aborbed into the fabric.

Puratex® is easy to apply. You can protect a large size sofa in about 2 minutes.
You freshen up the impregnation every six months.

Tip: especially refresh the contact areas. So the places where you sit a lot or that you touch a lot. So you wouldn't protect the the back of a sofa as frequent as the part you actually sit on. 


Most environmentally friendly impregnation!
Can we be proud? Yes we can, because Puratex® has recently been awarded
with an OEKO-TEX® certificate! But what does this mean? Well this:

  •   Puratex® is not harmful to humans or animals!
  •   Puratex® is not harmful to the environment!
  •   Puratex® is odorless, colourless!
  •   Puratex® is not manufactured by means of heavy chemical processes!
  •   Puratex® does not affect the fabric. So you can safely use it on any* upholstery fabric!

*Exeptions (!)
Exceptions are fabrics that cannot be wet cleaned. Fortunately, these are decreasing. In our advice you will find these types of substances with the following advice:

Only use the LCK® cleaning glove 'dry'. We usually indicate this in red.

Are you unsure about impregnation? Or do you have a question about your fabric? Then please contact us!


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