Useful care tips

Tips for fabric maintenance
Use the vacuum cleaner with a clean and soft furniture attachment to clean fabric furniture weekly (maximum 500 Watt) and so on remove house dust, crumbs and other daily soiling. The fabric is completely refreshed wenn using the LCK® cleaning glove, while lightly rubbing the fabric, using a few drops of Puratex® cleaning water (if advised).

Weekly cleaning

  1. Keep the surface free of dust.
  2. Wipe with the LCK® cleaning glove (dry or with a few drops of cleaning water if advised)

Half-yearly maintenance

  1. Make the surface free of dust.
  2. Wipe with the LCK® cleaning glove (slightly damp, if recommended).
  3. Impregnate with the Puratex® impregnation spray (if advised).

For stains (first check which cleaner is recommended)

  1. Remove coarse dirt as much as possible with a spoon or the dull side of a knife.
  2. Then treat the stain with the recommended Puratex® cleaner. Put some of the cleaner on a clean cloth and work the stain.  Always work from the outside in and always treat a larger area than the stain itself.
  3. After cleaning with Puratex® cleaning water. Put a little cleaning water in a container and immerse and wring out the LCK®  cleaning glove / clean cloth. Then wipe the cleaned fabric well from seam to seam. Repeat once if necessary.
  4. Impregnate the fabric with the Puratex® impregnation. Hold the pump sprayer at a distance of 20-30 centimeters above the fabric and spray a thin, even layer over the fabric. Try to keep the pump nozzle as vertical as possible. Let the fabric dry well. Avoid dripping.

Take a look at the stain page for more information and useful tips!


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