Like all other natural materials, wood needs regular maintenance. Active cleaners and lotions are indispensable to protect wood against dirt and external influences. As a rule of thumb, the more natural the wood is processed, the more natural the maintenance and cleaning products should be. 

We recommend dusting wooden furniture weekly with a dry, lint-free cloth. Remove spilled liquids immediately. Thorough cleaning at least twice a year with the right Kerawood® cleaner and lotion.


Avoid scratches! 
Don't just put hard objects on the table. Use coasters or felt pads. 

Prevent shrinkage and fire damage! 
Do not place hot pans, grill or fondue plates on the table top. Provide scratch-free and heat-resistant protection. 

Avoid circles! 
Do not put wet objects on the table. These can cause stains that cannot be removed. Also keep an eye out for drips running down decanters or bottles. 

Be careful with rubber caps! 
Many household appliances are fitted with rubber protective caps. In some cases, dyes from these caps can migrate into the wood. These stains cannot be removed. It is therefore preferable to use felt pads. 

Too much heat is harmful to all furniture. Therefore never place wooden furniture too close to heat sources. 

Ensure a healthy living environment for people, animals and furniture. A humidity of 45-55% is recommended for living rooms, the ideal temperature is between 18-22 degrees Celsius.


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