Koinor clean and care by article

KOINOR advices the Keralux® Leather Care Set by LCK for their design sofas and chairs. For a quick clean up in between LCK provides the Cleaning Water set. A good interior advice also entails premium care: Keralux® for upholstery leather, Puratex® for fabric and Silvapur® for wood. If there are any questions about the care, cleaning or protection of  your KOINOR furniture, please contact us.

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A India

A Nubuk

A Soft

A Wildnappa

B leder

B Afrika

B Basic

B Buffalo

B Bull

B Dick

B Jubi

B Toro

C Bewölkt

C Classic

C Family

C Gaucho

C Hill

C Nubuk

C Revolution

C Savanna

C Tara

C Velluto

C Wild (bramble, earth, frost, hill, moutain)

C Wild (rodeo, tornado)

D Anilin

D Colore

D Denver

D Dick

D Dolce

D Gaucho


D Living

D Moda

D Nubukleder

D Polo GTX

D Praerie

D Saloon

D Savanna

D Soft

D Velvet

D Vintage

E Anilin

E Caribic

E Dick Anilin

E Feeling

E Impressione

E Luna

E Nova

E Nubukleder

E Semianilinleder

E Stella

E Vintage

F Dick Anilin

F Gentile

F Laguna

F Luxury

F Mammut

F Natura

F Nobile

F Nubuk

F Saddle

F Vera (champagner-everest-java-mandarine)

F Vera (enzian-fjord-kirsch-kiwi-mirabelle-nepal)

G Dick

G Dick Naturo

G Glory

G Orso

K Bewölkt

L Lifetime

N Dick Naturo

N Dick Neck


T Top

X Leder



Stoff 20SXX

Novaskin Microfibre

Alcantara Microfaser

Stoff 10

Stoff 13

Stoff 13 KXX Melt

Stoff 13 NOXX Moon

Stoff 16 KXX Cascade

Stoff 16 KXX Shape-up

Stoff 16 LIXX Shape

Stoff 20 LUXX Sommerset

Stoff 20 NOXX Moon 3D

Stoff 20 SXX (Kissenstoff)

Stoff 20 VXX (Kissenstoff)

Stoff 25 WXX Illusion Q2

Stoff 30 KE XX Inca (Kissenstoff)

Stoff Charmelle

Stoff Q2 view

Stoff Q2

Stoff Sugar

Stoff 30 Infinity Loft by Rohleder


Other materials 


Glass Anthrazit

Glass Weiss



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