Rolf Benz all for clean and care

Rolf Benz advices the Keralux® Leather Care Set by LCK for their design sofas and chairs. For a quick clean up in between LCK provides the Cleaning Water set. A good interior advice also entails premium care: Keralux® for upholstery leather, Puratex® for fabric and Silvapur® for wood. If there are any questions about the care, cleaning or protection of  your Rolf Benz furniture, please contact us.

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Premium careset Rolf Benz (choose your leather number from the list)

Colour repair Set  Rolf Benz (choose your leather colour from the list)

Rolf Benz leather collection and all maintenance products per colour


Rolf Benz Fabric Collection


Nussbaum altgrau
Nussbaum amerikanisch
RB965 H70
RB965 H98
RB968 Buche
RB968 Eiche
RB985 Ast-Eiche Alt-Holz-1
RB985 Ast-Eiche Alt-Holz-2
Ulme H 40 natur geölt


Inoxan® stainless steal cleaner


LCK® cleaning set for glass surfaces


LCK® complete care set for natural stone


Calacatta Oro Venato
Emperador Marrone Spazzolato

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