Semi-aniline and pigmented leather

Semi-aniline leather and fully pigmented leather or covered leather

Semi-aniline leather is the middle ground between the soft but very sensitive pure aniline leather and the fully pigmented or covered leather which, although very robust and easy to look after, is relatively stiff and cold. Just like pure aniline leather, semi-aniline leather is first soaked in soluble dye. However after this first dye semi-aniline leathers are given a further thin coat of dye on the surface. This coat partially closes the skin pores of the hide thereby offering more protection to soiling and stains compared to pure aniline leather. But the hides original grain pattern should remain visible. 

The transitions between semi-aniline leather and fully pigmented leather are more fluid and sometimes difficult to distinguish. Both types of leather receive a protective coat of paint after being dyed through. In case of semi-aniline leather this top coat of paint is very thin, pigmented leather is coated with a thicker layer of paint. In general a thicker top coat means that the leather is better protected. Pigmented leather is robust, easy to clean and very durable. This is tat the cost of its naturalness. Pigmented leather feel rather cold and isn’t as soft as aniline leather. 

To keep your semi-aniline and pigmented leathers in the best condition LCK® has developed the Keralux® set P. Both semi-aniline and fully pigmented or even covered leather require moisture and need to be re-fattened in order to keep the leather supple. The Keralux® lotion P also offers sun protection to your leather to reduce the colour fading.

care products:

Keralux® set P
Keralux® strong protector P
Keralux® cleaning glove set


Keralux® strong cleaner
Keralux® active plus cleaner

colour repair: 

Keralux® colour repair set

specialised products:

Keralux® leatherbalm

Keralux® scratch remover





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