Nubuck, suède and vintage leather

Nubuck and suede leather are characterized by a velvet-like surface. This effect is attained through grinding the surface or the lower side of the split leather skin. The roughened, velvet-like surface of this type of leather excludes applying a layer of paint after the barrel dyeing, since otherwise the fires would stick together. Nubuck leather is characterized above all by a softness that is very kind to the skin and feels very cuddly. It has a gentle, soft and short-fibred surface and is recognizable by the “writing effect”, i.e. if you rub gently with your hand over the nubuck leather, you see that the direction of the fibres has changed. 


Vintage leather: (partially) sanded leather with an effect finish. Keralux® lotion Vi spends leather with vintage effect essential moisture and optimal refatting. It preserves the special characteristics, the soft grip and renews the wax layer (vintage effect).







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