New furniture

Yes! Congratulations on your new acquisition, but... now what?
On this page you can read the most important tips for (just) newly delivered furniture.

Each type of leather has a different maintenance advice. To make it easy for you, we have listed the categories below. Scroll down on the homepage until you reach the logos and select your furniture manufacturer. Then click on the correct type of leather for the recommended maintenance product. You will have to protect most types of leather from day 1. Also see: 

Adviced product (check yourself!)
From day 1
Other products?
PigmentedKeralux® set PNoLight colours can be protected against jeans with Keralux® strong protector.
Semi-anline Keralux® set PNoLight colours can be protected against jeans with Keralux® strong protector.


Keralux® set A


Use Keralux® lotion A from day 1.


Keralux® set S


Use Keralux® lotion A from day 1.


Keralux® set V / Vi


Use Keralux® spray N from day 1.


Keralux® set N


Use Keralux® spray N from day 1.

Half yearly
Once you've protected your furniture, it's a matter of routine. We recommend that you maintain the leather every six months
with the maintenance products from the recommended maintenance set. Are you a 'large user' and do you lie down for hours a day, for example in one specific corner of your sofa? Then you can increase the frequency to, for example, 1x per quarter. In between these intervals it suffices to dust off leather once a week. Respond to new stains as soon as possible, see our stains page for tips.

Tip: add the six-monthly maintenance routine to your agenda! Check the 'repeat' option and set the frequency to once every six months.​

Each type of fabric has a different maintenance advice. Check this out by scrolling down on the homepage. Click on the logo of your furniture manufacturer / fabric supplier for all recommended maintenance products per fabric type. When the Puratex® impregnation is allowed, you can use it from day 1 to protect the fabric. The impregnator is included in the Puratex® complete care set. With this set you have everything you need to clean your fabric furniture every six months to maintain.

Want to know more? Click here: Puratex® complete care set for textile upholstery.

With other materials, such as artificial leather and wooden furniture, it is sufficient to dust the furniture off on delivery.
Repeat this weekly until it is time for the semi-annual maintenance. Check at the bottom of the homepage which product we
advise per manufacturer / covering / material. 


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