About us

A real family business
Our knowledge what makes our success. LCK Nederland gives you the honest no-nonsense story.
Our real family business gives you quick and clear advice when you need it.
With a physical database of more than 100,000 samples, we come up with a suitable solution for every problem.

Our plusses
Maintaining furniture. It sounds pretty simple, right? Yet there is quite a lot of different factors involved.
In the past you had a choice between two types of upholstery: one in leather, the other in fabric...
Nowadays the bundles of samples are flying around like leaves in autumn. And we understand better than anyone else that you feel lost because of all those different samples! There's just so much to uncover nowadays. 

At LCK® we help you by sorting through this problem. We offer our thoughts to help you out and provide you with "old-fashioned" good service.
This gives you the time to do what you want to do with your furniture: Enjoying it!
But what exactly does this mean? Well this:


Retailers, suppliers and manufacturers
Of course we also work with entrepreneurs within the Benelux! You don't know us yet?
Come and meet us at our location in Deventer. Or contact us to make a personal appointment.
As a customer or partner of LCK® you can take advantage of these benefits:

  •      Professional advice within 2 hours on working days.
  •      You can use our OHA-service for free.
  •      Simply order by mail / phone without logging in, it's that easy!
  •      Do you order on workdays before 14:00? Then we ship the same day!*

*Almost all products are in stock exept for the Keralux® colour repair sets. The delivery time of this product is about 12-15 working days.

Let's introduce ourselves
Are you also curious about who works behind the scenes?
We would like to introduce our LCK Nederland team to you:

Curious or do you have a question? Don't hesitate to contact us!
Take a quick look at the contact page or click here for more information.


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