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maintain over fabric.

Buying a sofa: "Which fabric suits me?"
It is best to discuss this with the salesman. Also talk about your family situation (small children?). How intensive will you use your furniture? There are extremely strong synthetic fabrics, so look at the composition of the fabric. Is the fabric durable? Chenille fabrics have the property "shading", not everyone is charmed by that.

At LCK® we test fabrics for cleanability. After all, there are materials that should absolutely not get wet. It is therefore important that you know what you are buying.

Protect the sofa"Do I have to impregnate the sofa?"
Wool fabrics do not need to be impregnated, they contain lanolin, so wool fabrics are usually easy to clean. This brings us straight to the core of impregnation. Impregnation is not a panacea. You buy time to respond. In other words, the impregnation means that liquids are less likely to soak into the fiber.

The fabric is easier to clean. Nothing more nothing less. Is it recommended then? Certainly. Puratex® impregnation makes a big difference between a permanent stain or not. Getting it impregnated is of course easy, doing it yourself is very easy.

Can I impregnate fabrics myself?
Nothing could be easier. Make sure your new furniture is free of dust (use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush) and then impregnate it with the pump spray or squeeze bottle. Piece of cake. There are also shops that will do this for you for a small fee.

More information about impregnation? Click here!

Weekly maintenance: "what can I do?"
It is best to vacuum the seating furniture every week with the furniture attachment, (max. 500 Watt!) To remove house dust, crumbs and other daily to remove contamination. Sand grains and other debris abrade and accelerate causing the wear of the fabric.

Maintaining furniture fabric: "how?"
Regularly wipe with the LCK® cleaning glove. If the fabric can be cleaned with water, you can put a few drops of distilled water on the LCK® cleaning glove. This provides a fresh look and helps against static discharge. Is the upholstery fabric with
Puratex® impregnated, you can clean twice a year as described above and then refresh the impregnation.

Stains in textile upholstery:  "help!"
Rule 1: don't panic, rule 2: respond in the following way:

  •      You can absorb liquids with, for example, uncolored kitchen paper or a clean towel.
  •      Remove residues of (dried) contamination as much as possible with a spoon or the dull side of a knife.
  •      Always work a stain from the outside in, do not scrub the stain, you will keep seeing that.
  •      Always work an entire section from seam to seam, to avoid colour difference.
  •      Never apply Puratex® strong cleaner directly to the upholstery fabric, but spread it on a clean cloth.

You can find common stains and the solution on the page: Stains!

Cleaining:  ‘"Why do i use a cloth?"
By applying the Puratex® strong cleaner through the cloth, the stain then penetrates the cloth. The Puratex® strong cleaner ensures that the stain is dissolved. The cloth will do the rest. Use the cloth from the Puratex® set (or a clean white towel).


  • Carefully absorb liquids with uncoloured kitchen roll paper.
  • Place a clean cloth over the stain and sprinkle the cloth with Puratex® strong cleaner.
  • Rub the cleaner with two fingers so that it can pull through the cloth and into the stain.
  • Pick up the cloth. The stain is now in the cloth. Repeat if necessary and each time with a clean piece of cloth.

Always treat the entire section  with a clean cloth soaked in Puratex® cleaner and treat the entere section with distelled water directly after. By a whole section we mean the complete seating area from seam to seam. Use distilled water to prevent scaling.

How does spray extraction work? "can i do this myself?"
Our service department always works with a spray extraction device. This allows you to optimally remove dirt and soap residues.
By this method you can also use stronger cleaners, such as Puratex® EX stain cleaner. With this we get rid of almost every stain.

The cleaner is first applied and is given the necessary processing time. Then we apply water on and around the stain (spray) and we vacuum it up (extraction). We repeat the application of (distilled) water and then vacuuming it up as often as necessary until dirt and soap residue have been removed. Then we impregnate the fabric again.

You can also do this yourself at home, as you can also borrow these types of devices from your local hardware store.
This handy instructional video shows you exactly what to do!


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