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Regular maintenance
Use these products to keep your leather furniture in top condition:


Extra nutrition
Specially designed for older and/or dried out leather:

Restoring colour
Camouflage small scratches, superficial damage and discolorations with a custom colour:

Other products
These 'must haves' always come in handy!


More information
Maintaining saddle (waxed/oiled) smooth leather

Dust the leather regularly, preferably once a week. Use the LCK® cleaning glove with a few drops of LCK® cleaning water or a clean cotton cloth. The 'waxy' finish of this leather gives it the characteristic shine and grip. You can maintain this effect by regularly nourishing the leather. Treat the leather from day 1 with the Keralux® lotion S and then two to four times a year with the maintenance products from the Keralux® set S.

If the leather fades, becomes chapped or dries out, it can be additionally nourished with Keralux® lotion S. Does this not help enough? Then use Keralux® leather balm. The order of a maintenance interval is always the same: dusting, cleaning and nourishing. Follow the instructions on the packaging.


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