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Keralux® quick care cloths

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Ideal for quick cleaning!
Easy to use and perfect for weekly cleaning*. With the leather cloths you keep the surface free of dust and give the leather a fresh look.

Use the wipes in the following way:

  1. For the first time: open the lid and discard the first (top) wipe.
  2. Work with circular movements without applying too much pressure and work neatly from seam to seam.
  3. Discard the cloth after use.

Always try maintenance products (in general) on an inconspicuous place first.

Are you ordering this product separately? Then you will receive the following product:

  • 1 dispenser, 60 pieces

Expiration date: see packaging.

(!) Not suitable for:
Vintage leather, nubuck leather, saddle leather, plant based / vegan leather en artifical leather.

(*) Important:
The Keralux® cleather care wipes are not a substitute for the recommended six-monthly maintenance interval.


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